Your Position Determines Your Acquisition

No matter what you lack be that finances, health or the like — what you seek and what you need is found in the depth of God’s presence.

The closer you get to God, the closer you get to what abides in God.

Many seek His hand; the wise seek His heart. In His heart, the issues of His life flow. The closer you are to His heart, the closer you are to the outflow of God. (Proverbs 4:23). The outflow is what proceeds out of God. What flows out of God becomes your in-flow.

How close will you go? The closer you get, the deeper your reach. The deeper you reach, the more you get. I don’t know about you but I want a lot. The depth of your thirst determines the amount of water you will drink and it’s from the place of need that you receive.

Spiritual blessings don’t require rocket science. You don’t need to become a Bible scholar or perform great feats.

When your desire for God supersedes your desire for what He provides; in your state of abiding, God is providing.

Abiding is the state of oneness with God. When you are one with God; you end where God begins. In this state of abiding, access to what God possesses become your possessions. Your spiritual inheritance is the transfer of what God owns into your hands. So that, in the place of personal emptiness, His riches are poured.

God’s provision flows through your submission.

Some look for a handout but the Holy Spirit wants to give us a hand up. Up is where the glory is. Up is where the power is.

The Lord wants to become one with you. Get closer.

Your heavenly Father doesn’t want you to live in constant need.

Where His glory is, so also His power.

Your spiritual inheritance is without measure.

Step into His glory and watch your circumstances transformed by His power.

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