Your Overflow


The wise have wealth and luxury, but fools spend whatever they get. Proverbs 21:20

Abundance is a spiritual law that manifests in the natural world as financial prosperity, divine health, emotional and intellectual fortitude.

Abundance and well-being are not something you have to ask for.

Drought, lack and powerlessness are a direct result of not understanding that abundance is 

Satan is a master illusionist. He wants us to think that money is not spiritual. He wants you to believe there isn’t enough wealth to go around or that you have to possess special knowledge to experience the “the overflow” kind of life.


Upon creation, God set specific laws in motion — so that when these precepts are known and applied; prosperity of spirit, soul and body are inevitable.  

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. 3 John 2

A major shift in mindset must first take place before experiencing the best life your Heavenly Father has set apart for you.  Satan is liar and he has many of us grasping at straws in doubt and unbelief about our divine inheritance. He doesn’t want us to know that prosperity is our servant.

This is not only about abundance for you; it’s also about abundance through you.

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